What you need to know about Restrictive Covenants.

Restrictive Covenants are conditions tied to the use of the land which impose duties or restrictions upon the land regardless of the owner. These are common in many parts of country, particularly in planned community developments managed by a homeowners association (HOA). Covenants are rules or responsibilities imposed by developers or private sellers on present and future owners. Some examples of restrictive covenants:

  • Permissible colors of exterior house paint for your house
  • Minimum property and landscaping standards
  • Types of fencing allowed
  • Types of window treatments allowed
  • Limitations on the type of security lights you can attach to the house
  • Whether you are allowed to install sporting equipment like a basketball hoop in the driveway
  • Restrictions that limit vehicle storage or recreational vehicle parking
  • Restrictions on property uses that generate noise or smells, such as raising livestock
  • Restrictions on commercial or business uses of land reserved for residences

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